the BEST sleeping pillow for kids

Choosing the right KidFit:

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stage 1

for kids age 2-4
height: 87 cm/34in – 105 cm/42in

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stage 2

for kids age 5-7
height: 105 cm/42in – 125 cm/49in

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stage 3

for kids age 8-11
height: 125 cm/ 49in – 143 cm/ 57in

why kidfit?

How Important Is It To Have a Good Pillow For Your Child?

In short, Extremely. A good pillow can not only impact the quality of sleep, but also how healthfully children rest and recharge. Aside from the benefits of correctly supporting the head and neck, proper sleep means better focus and improved learning in kids. Studies suggest that the quantity and quality of sleep have a profound impact on both learning and memory in children. In fact, a lack of adequate sleep affects their mood, emotional stability, motivation, judgement and their perception of events. Improve your child’s physical and mental development with a KidFit Pillow today!

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KidFit Pillow is the ultimate sleeping pillow designed just for kids! When I came across KidFit Pillows, I was thrilled to finally see a pillow of their kind. As a mother, I often worried about the pillow my toddler was using. With KidFit Pillow my worries can be put at ease! Because everyone deserves a pillow designed just for them, this mom is adding KidFit Pillow to the OMG Goodies Holiday Gift Guide!


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